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Feed the Viking’s story began on a dark and stormy night. Huddled on an icy plateau, the Icelandic Search and Rescue team had been called out to help weary hikers make their way back down to safety. A bag of American Beef Jerky was passed between shivering hands, and replenished, the hikers had the energy to trek back down the mountain.

Inspired by this experience, Feed the Viking founder Fridrik Gudjonsson realized that Icelandic Lamb, Beef, and Cod would be ideal for making Jerky—just as the Vikings did centuries ago. Raised on grass and wild herbs, Icelandic Lamb is particularly prized for its delicate herb-infused flavor. And so, Feed the Viking was born in 2016, with a mission to create adventure-friendly Jerky from premium-quality Icelandic protein.

Today, the company’s product range includes four types of Jerky: Icelandic Lamb, lightly seasoned with sea salt and herbs; sweet and spicy Beef; and Wild Atlantic Cod, with and without White Cheddar. Feed the Viking also offers the delicious freeze-dried Lamb Stew, which cooks in the bag when you add boiling water. It’s modeled on the traditional kjötsúpa (“meat soup”), the Lamb and vegetable-packed staple of Icelandic home cooking.

At its heart, Feed the Viking aims to amplify the worth of Icelandic farmers’ and fishermen’s world-class produce. The team believes that by exporting pure and natural Icelandic food, they’re not only promoting their own products but also sharing the uniqueness that Iceland has to offer.

The Viking Origin

When settling in Iceland in 874, Vikings from Norway needed to get used to living surrounded by active volcanoes. In just a matter of months, Norwegian Vikings became farmers in Iceland, fully dependable on earth, wind, and fire. In a place as prone to natural disasters, preserving food during winters was as essential as sustainable hunting and animal breeding. Throughout the ages, Icelanders have preserved food in many different ways. Whether it was drying, curing, salting, smoking, pickling, fermenting, jellying, freezing, or boiling; it needed to be done before the long winter.

Our vision

Inspired by this rich history of Culinary Arts in Iceland, Feed the Viking applies modern industrial preservation techniques to the same foundational ingredients Icelanders have used for nearly 1200 years: Icelandic Lamb and Beef, and Wild Arctic Cod. As such, Feed the Viking brings products to light that has a natural source of protein, low in sugar & other carbohydrates, and long expiration dates.

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